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The only secure and maintained moorages in Tobago

supporting conservation and our community.

What we Offer

The Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC, a registered not-for-profit organisation) operates 15 mooring locations beside the famous Pirates Bay Beach in the beautiful Man-o-War Bay, Charlotteville Tobago.

Sheltered in the most secure harbour and only port of entry in the North-East Tobago UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve, you'll be surrounded by verdant green forests, underscored by the crystal turquoise waters of the southern Caribbean, and hosted by the friendly people of Charlotteville.


There are two mooring areas, both of which are leased by the ERIC from the Tobago House of Assembly.

Anchoring within those areas is not permitted for recreational vessels.

Mooring area 1, adjacent to Pirates Bay, contains moorings 1-9, ranging in depth from 6m closest to shore to 16m further into the bay. Mooring area 2, alongside Buccary Reef, contains moorings 10–15, in 10-15m depth. Distance between moorings is at least 40m.

You can use this Charlotteville-Tobago-Moorings.kmz file to view the mooring locations on Google Earth.

The Locations


The Man-o-War Bay Yacht Moorings have been installed, are maintained and operated by the Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville with the goal of reducing anchor damage to fragile marine ecosystems and simultaneously providing income for our local community. The mooring installation is one component of a larger community-based, conservation and beautification project involving multiple stakeholders at both the local and national level, funded by Shell Trinidad and Tobago. 


What are your mooring fees used for ?


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Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.

The Department of Marine Resources and Fisheries within the Division of Food Security, Natural Resources, the Environment & Sustainable Development, as well as the Office of the Chief Secretary, have endorsed and facilitated this innovative approach for managing marine resources in a partnership between government and civil society as an example for the wider Caribbean region.

The Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville works towards sustainability for the people and ecosystems of North East Tobago.

ERIC's mission is to value and integrate diverse knowledge and experience to manifest a mutually beneficial relationship between the coastal communities and ecosystems of North East Tobago.

The Charlotteville Police Youth Club aims to promote nationalism and self-respect amongst the Youths of the nation and to prepare them for positive roles in the nation's development.

CPYC's vision is to be a premium provider in empowering the youths of the nation.

Shell Trinidad & Tobago Limited, has put its trust and financial support into this project, with lots of patience and continued encouragement.

Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.


Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC),

Man-o-War Bay Cottages, Charlotteville, Tobago


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