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Mooring Construction

The moorings are secured using three different-sized helix anchors, each with a 1m extension. They are screwed to a minimum depth of 3m into the substrate. Connected to these are 1" shackles and two sizes of swivels; three of the largest screw anchors have a 1" swivel and the remainder have 3/4" swivels. The lower end of the mooring rope is reinforced with a stainless steel thimble spliced into it. There is a 2m length with a mid-water float ending with a spliced loop. The main mooring lines start and end with sliced loops, the bottom end of which is secured through the mid-water line loop. The mooring buoy is tied off to the main line at the surface leaving 3m remaining as a pick-up line. This section has a float to facilitate locating the line.

Mooring Location and Identification

The moorings are set within two designated areas that have been leased from the Tobago House of Assembly. Within these mooring areas, recreational vessels are not allowed to anchor and must use moorings assigned to them by ERIC.

Furthermore, sailors should not anchor between these areas as this gap provides access to the beach and traditional fishing zones.

Each mooring buoy has a colour-coded reflective sticker indicating its number.

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